SCREAM star David Arquette was given an unexpected opportunity to practice his skills as a father on Friday night (26MAR04), when he was asked to change a baby's dirty diaper.

The actor, who is expecting his first child with actress wife COURTENEY COX this summer (04), made an appearance on chat show Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, where host JIMMY KIMMEL had his staff carry out a young baby called CHASE for Arquette to change.

While Arquette refused to clean up the baby, he did hold the tot - and also gave away one of his outlandish outfits to a member of the audience, explaining, "I do have a lot of junk so I do have to get rid of a lot of stuff. I have to make room for the baby.

"I have so many toys, and so much junk and a lot of clothes - too many clothes! I have so many clothes that I actually brought a suit here to give away to somebody."

A man was handed a blue blazer suit, which was accompanied by a glittering gold shirt with a scorpion on the back.

29/03/2004 11:18