Hollywood actor David Arquette has decided to finally tone down his outlandish style, after receiving a number of complaints from his agent.

Arquette, husband of SCREAM co-star Courteney Cox, has long been noted for his taste in bizarre, eye-catching outfits, and while he's agreed to take on a more conservative style, he's still a lover of outrageous clothing at heart.

He says, "My manager and agent SUE MENGERS isn't a big fan (of my old style)... Sue's like, 'David, enough with the curtains for clothing, please! You could be a leading man; don't wear them things.'"

But when Arquette made an appearance on comedian Jay Leno's show dressed in a navy suit last night (04OCT04), he did show that he'd managed to maintain some of his taste for the unusual he was wearing a white pair of socks with Liberace's face sewn into them.

05/10/2004 21:11