David Archuleta hasn't quite captured the public's imagination in the way many might've expected after the former American Idol contestant soared to number two in the charts with his self-titled debut album back in 2008. Going gold and reaching sales of over three quarters of a million in his homeland, the then 17 year-old looked set to brush aside coming second in that year's season of the reality singing contest on his way to global success.
It's not quite worked out that way however for Archuleta, now 20, with a Christmas album out bizarrely in October of 2009 going in at 30 on the Billboards and his second proper album 'The Other Side of Down' reaching 13 last year but selling substantially less than his opening effort. Now the young star's revealed that he's going on a two year break from music to pursue a Mormon mission.
The young singer broke the news in a video link reported by Huliq, in which he explained "It's not because somebody told me that I was supposed to do it, not because that I no longer want to do music anymore, but it's because it's the feeling that I felt that I need to do next in my life." It's presumed the singer will take his leave upon completion of his current 'My Kind Of Christmas Tour' which is scheduled to end on December 21st at Beaver Creek in the US.