EURYTHMICS star Dave Stewart has created a fictitious 1970s supergroup for a quirky new rockumentary. Inspired by films like THE RUTLES and This Is Spinal Tap, the guitarist has teamed up with songwriter KARA DioGUARDI to make a new film based on the exploits of a band called Platinum Weird. And Stewart is keeping a straight face during interviews about his new project - insisting the group really did exist. At a recent New York screening of PLATINUM WEIRD, Stewart told fans he formed the band in 1974 with a singer called ERIN GRACE, who he no longer has any contact with. The film includes interviews with SIR Mick Jagger, SIR Elton John, SIR Bob Geldof and Christina Aguilera, among others, who all insist Platinum Weird not only existed but deeply inspired them. Stewart and DioGuardi will release an album as Platinum Weird in August (06), while the new film airs on VH1 in America next month (JUL06).