EURYTHMICS star Dave Stewart is singing British teenager Joss Stone's praises after she nailed a revamp of Burt Bacharach's classic movie theme Alfie in just two takes.

Stewart and pal SIR Mick Jagger, who have been working on the score for the remake, were left speechless by the young soul diva's talents when they invited her to join them in the studio.

Stewart says, "The song has been recorded about 76 times and it's probably one of the most covered songs, with heavy orchestrations and a lot of them leaning towards the cabaret sort of feeling.

"This didn't fit at all with the kind of music that Mick and I had been making in the movie, so Joss Stone was great.

"She's 17-years-old and obsessed with blues, gospel, R+B singing and so we just stripped the thing right down with no

orchestration and a Hammond organ and a piano.

"She's an incredible singer and she did it in two takes after learning it in an hour. Amazing."

03/10/2004 21:11