Rocker Dave Navarro was less than impressed with Kevin Federline's performance at the Teen Choice Awards and would have sent him packing if he appeared on his show Rock Star: SUPERNOVA. Navarro appeared on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE on Monday night (21AUG06) and the talk show host asked him if he caught Britney Spears' husband's debut performance at Sunday's (20AUG06) award ceremony. The exasperated rocker replied, "Oh, dude, you're going to do this to me? Yes, I did. "I'll tell you what blew me away about it - he had acrobatics and fire and all this stuff going on - all these people that are very, very talented around him. "So, I guess that works. I mean, it was a spectacle to say the least. I was not impressed, I was not blown away." When Kimmel asked what would have happened if Federline had performed on Navarro's talent show he quipped, "He'd be packing his bags! Sorry, dude!"