Rocker Dave Navarro has blasted the music industry's failure to keep up with technology. The former JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist believes networking website MySpace and download warehouse iTunes have helped the music world, because they give bands a chance to get their music heard without support from record companies. He fumes, "The industry has refused to change with the times and has refused to keep up (with) technology and what's going on in the world. As a result, I think less great music is getting out there. "The thing about file sharing, MySpace and iTunes is that bands now have the ability to get their music out there without the need of a major label. Most of these bands aren't going to make their living selling records. They're going to make their living touring. "And if I'm screwing around on MySpace and I hear a band that I like and realize they're playing in my city, I'm more likely to go see them."