Rocker Dave Navarro has applauded Inxs star TIM FARRISS for agreeing to be the bearer of bad news for aspiring singers on his new reality show Rock Star: INXS.

Navarro, who hosts the show with TV presenter Brooke Burke, was impressed when Farriss stepped forward to be the man responsible for eliminating contestants vying for the chance to front the Australian supergroup for a new album and tour.

He says, "I thought it was really cool that Tim wanted to deliver the news. A lot of times that phonecall is gonna come from a manager or a lawyer.

"These kids have come so far and for them to just get cut and not know why and not have any information on how they could potentially improve would be a loss for them."

Contestants on the new show, which debuted on Monday night (11JUL05), come from all over North America and Australia.

13/07/2005 09:20