Dave Navarro is thrilled his reality show with his wife Carmen Electra has come to an end - because he didn't enjoy the "pressure" of having cameras constantly on him.

The former JANE'S ADDICTION star is currently preparing for his co-hosting debut on TV contest Rock Star: Inxs, which starts showing in the US on 11 July (05) and will seek to find an INXS frontman to replace late singer MICHAEL HUTCHENCE.

And while Navarro is looking forward to his latest show, he admits that starring in MTV's TILL DEATH DO US PART wasn't his idea of fun.

He says, "I like it a lot more because it's not about me. The truth is, the other show was really great and fun because I got to do it with the woman I love, my best friend, partner and wife.

"If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have been comfortable. With this one, I get to facilitate someone else's dreams, and the pressure isn't on me."

23/06/2005 09:41