Rocker Dave Navarro has made a documentary about his mother's murder.

Connie Navarro and her best friend Susan Marshall Jory were shot dead by her ex-boyfriend John Riccardi in 1983, when the rocker was 15 years old, and he has now produced a film retelling his mother's tragic battle with domestic violence.

Navarro tells Huffpost Live, "I just completed, with my partner Todd Newman, a feature-length documentary about my mum's story which was all self-funded... We shot it ourselves, we funded it ourselves, there's nobody attached to it. It's a story of domestic violence but it's also a story of walking through fear and getting on the other side of it and facing challenges head on."

When asked if the process was cathartic, Navarro replies, "A lot of trauma survivors have the cloud of trauma with them forever. It may get easier to deal with, it may get lighter, it may lessen, but it's always there. So part of my process was to get into this traumatic event as deeply as I could... I don't know if there is ever a day when you're 'healed', repaired. But to have a deeper emotional understanding and a deeper psychological understanding, I definitely feel more at peace with things, for sure."

Riccardi was convicted in 1994 and is serving a life sentence in prison.