Rocker Dave Grohl has invited two Australian miners trapped underground to join him from a beer when they are freed. BRANT WEBB, 37 and TODD RUSSELL, 35, have been stranded one kilometre underground in a Goldmine in Tasmania since 25 April when a massive rockfall sealed them in. After hearing about the accident and that one of the miners requested Grohl's music while he awaits rescue, the Foo Fighters frontman sent a fax to the pair, which was read out by rescue workers. Mine manager MATTHEW GILL explains, "I had a message from Dave Grohl. I passed on his message to Brant and Todd, I read it to them. And they were both stoked by that. "It was basically thinking of you and anywhere, anytime to catch up with two cold beers. "And Dave wanted to know if that was a deal. And I can tell Dave that those two say that yes, that's a deal."