Rocker Dave Grohl has finally learned to trust his bandmates and crew to take care of his mother when she joins the Foo Fighters frontman on tour.

Grohl admits his mother is a huge rock fan and loves to 'mosh' with the audience at rock festivals, much to the horror of her famous son.

Grohl says, "I'm the guy with the cool mum. After we are done playing, I will come back to the dressing room and my mum is having a Guinness with BILLIE Joe (ARMSTRONG) from Green Day. I basically just hand her a pass and let her do her thing now.

"Early on I would have to, you know, make sure that she had her room and she was comfortable and she wasn't getting accosted by other people. Now, you bring mum to the show and it's like she is in the band. She is like part of the crew.

"I remember taking her out into the front row at a rock festival where THE Prodigy were playing. It was like a field of 70,000 people just bouncing up and down like an army. My mum wanted to go front row. I said, 'No, no, no. Please don't. Please.'

"She said, 'I want to go front row.' So I pulled my mum into 50,000 people and she danced to the Prodigy for a few songs and she said, 'Ok, now get me the hell out of here.'"

08/06/2005 21:26