Rocker Dave Grohl has urged obsessed fans of his legendary former band Nirvana to realise late singer Kurt Cobain was just a normal human being.

The Foo Fighters frontman has watched Cobain - who committed suicide in 1994 - has become an idol to many of today's youth, even though many of them never heard the grunge outfit's music the first time around.

But Grohl admits he too used to worship deceased rockers, and while he's happy to keep his own memories grounded, he understands why Nirvana fans idolise Cobain.

He says, "It doesn't make me sad, or angry, it's just peoplecelebrating his music. I sort of numbed to it. Nirvana has become something other than a band of three people, but to me that's what it will always be, three individuals who made a few records and unfortunately stopped making records.

"For kids who wear the t-shirts it's become somethinng that's not as simple or human as that. It's funny because when I was young I had posters and ideas about Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, but when Kurt died it knocked that whole perspective out of whack because you can get caught up in the idolatry and lose sight of the fact that these people are just human beings."

15/08/2003 20:11