Rocker Dave Grohl refuses to look back on his days in Nirvana nostalgically - because, despite their phenomenal success, the band was just like any other he's played in. The former drummer, who now fronts Foo Fighters, recalls the abject poverty Nirvana endured before 1991's breakthrough album Nevermind. He says, "When I think of Nirvana, I think of Krist (Novoselic), Kurt (Cobain) and me. I think about us driving through Canadian snow-storms in a van leaking fuel. We'd reek like guys working in a gas station. I think about us selling equipment for food. "I don't think about number one records. I think of it like any other band I've been in - although that was the one that touched the most people. "But I don't wear it like a badge. For starters, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. And beyond that, it starts sitting like a chip on your shoulder. "I was in a huge band at one point in my life and I can't believe that happened to me, but I'm not looking back."