American rocker Dave Grohl is amazed at the success of Foo Fighters, because the band started life 10 years ago as a vehicle for releasing the songs he wrote when he was drumming with Nirvana.

Grohl was determined to move on from the world-conquering SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT band following the suicide of singer Kurt Cobain in 1994 - but he never thought his new band would still be together 10 years later.

He says, "I look at the band as an accident because it started life as a demo. I never thought I'd be sitting here, 10 years later, talking about a double album (IN YOUR HONOR).

"It seems like a natural evolution to me because it's just got bigger day by day. There are moments when you feel like you're a new band and you've just made your first album, and then there are moments when you feel like you're the oldest guy at the festival."

Foo Fighters recently released their fifth album, In Your Honor.

15/06/2005 21:35