Dave Grohl was so pleased with the results of the acoustic half of the FOO FIGHTERS' recent IN YOUR HONOUR double album, he now plans to ditch the band's trademark hard rock in favour of a bizarre collaboration with jazz guitarist HERB ALPERT.

Grohl is already planning the next Foo Fighters disc and is determined to pull out all the stops this time, with some surprising guest stars.

He says, "There is something so powerful about the quiet dynamic. To me it is much more powerful than a f**king wall of amplifiers sometimes. It's funny how much that has changed our band.

"We're so jazzed that we're talking about the next album we're going to make. The names of producers are getting really out there. The kind of album we want to make next time will surprise anyone.

"It should be really interesting. We're really excited about it, mainly because we felt so liberated by making the acoustic record - now the possibilities are endless.

"We're not afraid of anything, whether it's having f**king Herb Alpert or (Kiss frontman) Gene Simmons on it, who f**king knows."

21/07/2005 05:31