FOO FIGHTERS singer Dave Grohl's heavy metal side project is similar in style to Latin rocker SANTANA - according to the gravel-voiced frontman himself.

Featuring Grohl, Zwan guitarist MATT SWEENEY and Foo Fighters producer ADAM KASPER, PROBOT have enlisted the help of metal vocalists to sing on the tracks, ranging from Motorhead's Lemmy to Napalm Death's LEE DORRIAN.

And despite being musical worlds apart - Grohl insists the album bares a likeness to Santana's hit record SUPERNATURAL.

He says, "It's not unlike the Santana record in that it really kicks ass, but it's not the kind of thing that you'd expect. There's a kind of person that will like the Probot record, and there aren't many of those people. I mean, it's not meant to, like, make money."

The project has been evolving for three years and the album is expected to be released in early August (03).

Grohl adds, "After recording a bunch of it, a friend of mine said, 'Wow, you know what would be really cool if you could get a different vocalist to sing on each thing.' And then I picked of my favourite vocalists from that specific genre of music, underground metal from like '83 to '89."

20/06/2003 09:23