FOO FIGHTERS star Dave Grohl has married girlfriend JORDYN (corr) BLUM.

Guests at the 2 August (03) ceremony, held at the couple's Los Angeles home, included music mogul Clive Davis and Grohl's former Nirvana bandmate KRIST NOVOSELIC.

This is 34-year-old Grohl's second marriage. The couple met in a Los Angeles bar, and MTV producer Blum, 27, is now looking forward to becoming the rocker's ex.

Grohl explains, "The first night we met, I asked for her number and she left it and she wrote, 'Jordyn, your future ex-wife.'

"She's the biggest fox in the world, the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. I didn't think she'd be into me at all - I'm like the funny dude you don't necessarily want to sleep with."

08/08/2003 09:16