Dave Grohl enjoyed the most ''amazing'' jam with Prince.

The Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer went to see the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker during his 21-date residency at Los Angeles' Forum in 2011 and was too ''hammered'' to take up an invitation to play with the singer, so they rearranged for another day and Dave was astonished by Prince's musicianship.

He recalled: ''Prince just appears and says, 'Hey man, you wanna jam?' and I go, 'Yeah'.

''And I get up on the drums and I start playing. He picks up a bass and shreds the bass like I've never seen anyone play it [with his] full band on stage...We end that jam. He's throwing chords with hand signals to his band, then we start playing [Led Zeppelin's] 'Whole Lotta Love.'

''He picks up a guitar and we play about five or eight minutes...then we end it, and he's like, 'Yeah, that's great.' I'm like, 'That was amazing.'

''He goes, 'We should totally do that.' And he goes, 'What are you doing next week?' ''

Sadly for the 'Walk' rocker, he hasn't seen Prince since but insists he doesn't care if the singer was ''blowing him off''.

He told DJ Howard Stern: ''Then I never saw him again. He was probably blowing me off...

''It's Prince, dude. He could beat me up as much as he wants.''

The 45-year-old singer also revealed he had tried to get reclusive star David Bowie to work with him on a song for a movie soundtrack, and though they were unable to make the collaboration happen, they became ''e-mail buddies''.

He said: ''I'd worked with his producer, Tony Visconti, and I asked Tony, 'Hey, do you think David would be into doing something?'/

''So then we became [e-mail buddies].

''Sometimes you want to do something and there's no time.''