Dave Grohl ''fell into depression'' after he broke his leg two years ago.

The 48-year-old singer and songwriter suffered the terrible injury during after he fell 12 feet off of a stage when him and his fellow Foo Fighters band mates were performing in Sweden in 2015, which saw him ''snap'' the bone, dislocate his leg and tear ''all'' of the ligaments in the limb.

The rocker decided to carry on with the ''60 more shows'' they had lined up, but once the group had finished their string of concerts they decided to take a break, during which time Dave struggled to cope with his recovery and life without the band and music.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 'Everlong' hitmaker said: ''I didn't just snap the bone, I dislocated it and tore all the ligaments. But we had 60 more shows and after I came out of surgery we sat in my hotel room and had a meeting to decide what to do. Everyone wanted to make sure. I was OK and that we weren't pushing it too hard. So I said what would it be like if I had to sit in a ridiculous f***ing throne every night and play to thousands of people?

''I imagined there would be a solid year of no music but I didn't realise how bad I'd damaged my leg until I was with a physiotherapist three months after I had surgery.

''I've got a beautiful life outside of the band, but music really is what keeps my f***ing blood pumping.

''After about six months, with no band or no music, I really fell into a depression where I felt empty.''

And the rest of the rock band, which includes Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear and Rami Jafee, were ''really worried'' about Dave and the future of the group.

Hawkins said: ''We were worried about Dave. I never question any decisions by him because he seems to have the best rock 'n' roll compass for our band. But this time it was, 'Oh f***. We might be done. I was really worried we might be over.''

But the 'Sound City' director has revealed returning to the studio to continue making music boosted his morale and helped his recovery.

He explained: ''When you take music away you don't realise how important or necessary it is until it's gone.

''Dipping into my studio and playing around with the drums. Then returning a week later and picking up the guitar all helped.

''Time went by until I really felt that fire of recording.''