Dave Grohl was ''beaten-up'' by a goose.

The Foo Fighters star was playing hockey on a frozen lake with his friends as a child when their puck strayed towards the bird which lashed out at the youngster, kicking him ''mercilessly'' with its foot.

The 45-year-old rocker shared the ''terrible'' ordeal, as he spoke to Absolute Radio's Christian O'Connell this morning (14.11.14), saying: ''I've been hit like ... I've had my run-ins with animals, I got beat up by a goose one time on a frozen lake.

''I was playing hockey on a frozen lake and my puck sort of went over towards this goose and gooselings or whatever and I walked over to get my puck and all my friends were watching me. I was a kid, and this goose came up and just kicked me, just like beat me mercilessly.

''I couldn't get up because I was on ice, it was terrible.''

The 'My Hero' hitmaker also confessed to an unfortunate nickname as a child after his friends discovered his resemblance to the red-haired, drum-playing Muppet, Animal.

Although Dave insists he was more than happy to be compared to the puppet character.

When asked to choose his favourite Disney Muppet, Dave said: ''Animal, well I mean come on.

''He's a drummer like you know. Because when I was a kid playing drums everyone was like, ''Oh you look like Animal from the Muppets''. I said ''Thank you''.