The couple started dating in 2012, with Now You See Me star Dave popping the question last August (15). Though the pair has remained tight-lipped about their relationship and are rarely seen in public together, Dave, 31, has revealed that he knew the Community actress was his soulmate when he discovered she shared his passion for pet cats.

"At one point I was the single guy who had two 17 pound (8 kg) cats. That's not the most enticing thing for most girls," he said during an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden. "So, my cats essentially weeded out like 95 per cent of my potential mates. And ultimately I met Alison, she is a (cat lady), thank God."

Though they were living in separate places when they first started dating, Dave was staying at Alison's most nights, but felt he was "neglecting" his pets by doing so. Thankfully, Alison, 33, was open to the idea of the cats staying with her.

"At one point I went up to her and was like, 'I know were not officially living together but can I move my cats into your place?'" he said. "She was up for it... and I think that was the moment I knew I would marry this woman!"

Now, when they aren't caught up with busy filming schedules, the duo likes nothing better than kicking back and watching a movie with their feline friends.

"It's usually the two of us with our 17 pound cats in bed watching either a documentary or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, part two," he laughed.