Alison Bree has said she feels ''more free'' since tying the knot with Dave Franco.

The 34-year-old actress wed the fellow actor earlier this year, and has said married life is ''great'', and thinks that rather than making her feel ''trapped'', she now has a renewed sense of freedom.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''Something about being married made me feel so settled, almost more free, I guess, rather than like trapped. It's great. So now, let's go do whatever we want. Onward and upward.''

The 'Glow' actress previously said she finds it ''weird'' being referred to as 32-year-old Dave's wife, but insisted the moniker was ''so sweet''.

She said: ''In most ways it doesn't [feel different to be married] because we were together for five years and we own a home together, which to me feels much more like marriage when you're signing all the paperwork.

''But there are certain things [that are nice]. I love calling him my husband. To be honest I started doing it while we were still engaged a little bit sometimes ...

''It's weirder to me to hear him call me his wife. That is kind of a funny (thing), but I love it. It is so sweet, but it's just so funny. It's just sort of your new identity and you're going like, 'Oh that's me now, I'm someone's wife.' It's kind of adult.''

Meanwhile, Alison admitted she has been having an empowering year since tying the knot with the 'Now You See Me' actor.

She said previously: ''Everything's great! I think it's a great time in my life. Not in, you know, our lives collectively, not necessarily globally, but being married.

''[Being married is] a similar to the experience of working on 'Glow', in that it's been a very empowering year. I don't know why those two things have kind of gone hand in hand for me, but they have. Wrestling and marriage, they're both just like, 'Yeah, I can take on anything!'''