The electronic dance music star played a set to hundreds of fans at the EXIT Festival on Sunday (10Jul16), before heading off to catch a plane back to his homebase in Amsterdam, Holland.

However, while he was on the road to the Belgrade airport, his driver hit a lamp post, launching Clarke out of the vehicle.

He took to Facebook on Monday (11Jul16) to post photos of his day, starting with a snap of the crowd at the gig, then a frightening photo of the car wreck.

"Photo 1 around 4.15, photo 2 around 5.40 = life has the possibility of changing before you know it," he wrote.

Clarke went on to describe the crash, writing, "Gig was amazing at Exit, drive back less so woke up after snoozing to be launched into the air at over 100 km to the hit lamp post to be then have the car fly roof up into the lamp post to then land on otherside of road (sic)... Luckily we didn’t hit another car."

Clarke was miraculously able to walk away from the accident and hitched a ride to the airport so he could make his flight back to Amsterdam, where he admitted himself to hospital and was treated for various injuries.

He later updated fans on his health, writing on Facebook, "So far so good. But I am in a lot of pain in my neck, back, chest and arms. I dread the next few days/weeks. Really angry too, livid, perhaps that is good... but I am alive."