Funnyman Dave Chappelle is facing a court battle with his former manager MUSTAFA ABUELHIJA, who claims the comedian owes him a portion of his TV show profits.

Abuelhija filed a breach-of-contract suit against Chappelle in Manhattan Federal Court yesterday (13DEC05), alleging the comedian owes him at least $864,500 (GBP480,277).

Chappelle's ex-manager claims he helped broker deals which earned Chappelle $10 million (GBP5.5 million), during the 10 month period he served as his personal manager.

The 33-year-old walked away from his Comedy Central CHAPPELLE'S SHOW TV series earlier this year (JUN05) and fled to a spiritual retreat in South Africa.

Abuelhija claims Chappelle returned from South Africa and told him his services were no longer needs and paid him a "paltry $40,000 as an 'advance' against the sum" he was owed.

Abuelhija is also demanding profits from Chappelle's reported $50 million (GBP27 million) deal with Comedy Central.