Dave Bautista bombarded Kurt Russell with ''fanboy questions'' on the set of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'.

The 48-year-old actor was thrilled when he found out the 65-year-old star would be appearing in the film and prepared to quiz him on his previous roles.

He said: ''I didn't want to hit him with all of the fanboy questions right off the bat, but as soon as I got comfortable with him I did. He's great and super down to the earth, he's a very social guy and doesn't like to separate himself from the younger cast, he's got a lot of great stories, he's very good looking ... he's a very interesting guy!''

Asked what the pair spoke about, he added: ''The first thing I asked him about was 'Big Trouble in Little China', I just wanted to know more about that, and what he thought about The Rock being recast as Jack Burton and he said, 'Ah, I don't care.' And I said 'Really?' I was really upset by that because to me, The Rock is not Jack Burton, like Chris Pratt would make a much better Jack Burton.

''I take that stuff very personally, because I'm a fan boy first, I am a geek at heart. So, he just didn't care, 'Oh I'm sure he'll do a great job' and then of course I asked Escape from New York questions, and we had a lot of good conversations about that.''

And Dave also teased what is in store for his 'Guardians of the Galaxy' character Drax the Destroyer.

He told Collider.com: ''It's an extended version of the first film, for the Drax character. There's just a lot more ... most people's first perception of Drax would be he's just a big, muscly brute, and he's just going to go in and be an all-action character.

''But he's more funny, driven ... there's a lot more of that. He gets closer and more caring with the other Guardians, and they become more of a solid family in this one. If I had to put a tag on this second film I would say 'family,' that's kind of the theme.''