New Zealand rockers the Datsuns were forced into quarantine in Australia after their drummer fell ill - just after the group had stepped off the plane from Sars-gripped Singapore.

Drummer MATT DATSUN told a doctor he was suffering from mild flu, and found himself suspected of being the country's first victim of the killer disease.

A tour insider says, "The doctor came in and asked where they'd flown in from. When he said Singapore, he ran out the door! The doctor called the hospital and it was like a scene from ET, all these men in biological suits ran in and took him away!"

The other members of the band were kept in their hotel while Matt was taken to hospital for tests, and eventually allowed to continue with their tour after he was given the all-clear.

The insider adds, "It was scary because even in Singapore they all had to wear facemarks just in case."

21/05/2003 21:14