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The Datsuns
System Overload
Single Review

Datsuns System Overload Single

A sonic spiral now weaves its way through the ripping garage rock riffs and the powerful, grit-laden Bon Scott vocal strut of Dolf De Datsun, for the A side to this single that captures all the haughty provocation of the ripping Kiwis. The band proudly prepares to tread into 3rd album territory, something that many doomsayers never thought they would achieve.

A new slant on the band is given through the longing country/blues B-side 'Don't Shine Your Light on Me', it seems as though Dolf may have picked up his dad's Dylan and Johnny Cash CDs, when in a rush to get to the tour bus one morning. The racing 'Killer Bees' sees a return to decibel pushing peaks, guitar virtuosity and harks back to the self-titled first album sound that saw them headline the NME tour, amongst other accolades. This is a return of gusto and a bit of reflection; will the fickle music public remember them?

Rating; 7/10

David Adair

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