Dashboard Confessional singer Chris Carrabba was devastated when he was lost an entire album's worth of new material due to a technical error.
The rocker had recorded several tracks to release with the band, but his hard work was lost for good when the studio sessions were accidentally wiped.
He tells Spinner.com, "Maybe a year and a half ago I had essentially a whole Dashboard album done and recorded... I had this problem in my studio and I lost all the drives of all the music I had ever made. Somehow all the drives... got wiped during this process and unfortunately I had brought in a drive that contained most of the stuff I had done in the past and the album I was working on."
Carrabba decided not to re-record his songs and instead opted to start again from scratch.
He adds, "I took that as a sign... I didn't want to record those songs again, which was alarming to me. If the songs were that good I would have demanded to myself that I go record them again. I was upset about that record being gone, and more upset about the other records being gone, but I was more like, if I'm not losing my mind to record them again maybe they weren't the right songs... I think I'm writing better music now that's more meaningful to me."