Michelle Cardona, 17, filed a police report suggesting the Orange is the New Black star violently attacked her in July (15) during a fight at Polanco's apartment.

The 33-year-old has denied the allegations and now claims Cardona is harassing her to the point she has decided to move out of her New York apartment in a bid to escape the teenager.

"She (Cardona) tries to provoke her, and it happens on an ongoing basis," a source tells the New York Post. "She mocks (Polanco) and her daughter as they leave (their apartment). She's planning to move somewhere out of the city in February."

"She (Cardona) has been hanging around the building in an intimidating way...," Polanco's lawyer, Gerald Lefcourt, says. "We reported that not only to the police but to the judge."

According to the publication, Lefcourt believes Cardona wants to extort Polanco and he claims they have recordings to prove the accusations.

The two neighbours are due back in court in March (16).