Daryl Hannah, Christian Slater, Dean Cain and Rob Lowe are among a host of stars who have teamed up to pledge their support for environmental awareness.

The stars are taking part in the EXPLORE YOUR ENVIRONMENT campaign in collaboration with clothing manufacturer EDDIE BAUER, the ENVIRONMENTAL MEDIA ASSOCIATION (EMA) and the CONDE NAST publishing group, where they'll appear in a string of magazines talking about their efforts to conserve the planet's resources.

Kill Bill beauty Hannah has a solar-powered home, a car that uses vegetable oil and an organic garden. Slater's environmental efforts include shopping only at supermarkets where he can buy organic products.

He says, "Every time my son picks up a piece of trash, he educates me about the importance of simple actions. If we all did two per cent more, everything would change."

While Cain likes to enjoy an array of outdoor pursuits in a clean environment, Lowe is especially passionate about the cause because his son has asthma.

He notes, "The environment is the one cause everyone has in common, regardless of political affiliation."

30/08/2004 08:58