Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah is having very little fun promoting her new movie KILL BILL - because she's terrified of doing press interviews.

The SPLASH star, who stars alongside Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu and VIVICA A. Fox in the blood-drenched film, has spent much of her career avoiding television interviews - and she still can't get used to it all.

She says, "This is actually the first time I've ever done rounds of tons of interviews in my whole career. I was scared of it before, I couldn't even face it. I'm still scared of it. It's not a natural situation."

Surprisingly, Hannah's far more comfortable being in the presence of movie cameras, explaining, "It's a very intimate situation. The camera's really tight, you're speaking to one person; it's just different.

"You're also inhabiting the skin of another character so it's not like people are asking you questions about yourself or you have to think of the English language when you're under stress or nervous. It's a different situation."

08/10/2003 09:06