Movie star Daryl Hannah's return to the Hollywood limelight is down to her generosity.

After years of appearing in disappointing straight-to-DVD movies, the BLADE RUNNER star has hit a new high with acclaimed roles in three new movies, Kill Bill, NORTHFORK and Casa De Los Babys.

One of the movie makers behind Northfork, in which she plays a creepy angel, claims Hannah's past benevolence to artists and writers helped keep her name a leading one.

Northfork writer and director Mark Polish met his wife, a makeup artist, when they were struggling wannabes forced to find shelter in Hannah's Hollywood home.

He says, "She has this enormous house and she was known to support artists. There were painters, musicians, filmmakers, always people around.

"She had every single script Hollywood had to offer, so you could really get an idea of what was out there."

As a result, Hannah made many friends - like Polish and Kill Bill creator Quentin Tarantino, who wrote parts in the new movies specifically for her.

14/07/2003 09:17