Actress Daryl Hannah is taking a former pal to court over an alleged cosmetics deal gone bad.

The KILL BILL star offered to promote and endorse YOLANDA HALSTON CLASSIFIED COSMETICS after helping set up the line when the designer was her houseguest.

Halston allegedly offered Hannah $500,000 (GBP312,500) worth of stock in the company plus $5,000 (GBP3,125)-a-month during her affiliation with the company.

Now Hannah claims Halston has backed out of her stock option offer and has presented the actress with a share of the company's profits for a year following the completion of Hannah's services and a $40,000 (GBP25,000) lump sum, which Hannah has rejected.

Following news of the legal battle, Halston has removed Hannah's face from the company's website.

23/10/2003 08:46