Daryl Hannah is locked in a money war with a group of Hollywood bigwigs, who claim the actress owes them cash after they helped revive her career.

Statuesque beauty Hannah 1980s glory with such hits as Wall Street, ROXANNE and SPLASH, but her career cooled off until she re-emerged in QUENTIN TARANTINO's 2003 film Kill Bill: VOL 1.

And now researchers at American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE have uncovered a lawsuit filed by the ROGERS + COWAN public relations firm against Hannah.

The suit claims the PR firm entered into an agreement with Hannah to help promote her several months before Kill Bill: Vol 1 came out. The suit says the fee was $3,000 (GBP1,578) a month, plus expenses - which the company claims hasn't been paid.

The lawsuit says Hannah got a bill for $64,000 (GBP33,684) but paid only about $7,000 (GBP3,684).

Hannah's manager says the actress did not want to spend the $36,000 (GBP18,947) a year for publicity - the rate which Rogers + Cowan had quoted her - instead agreeing to pay only for the months where she used their services.

Her manager says she did use the company occasionally to promote the two Kill Bill movies and that she always paid the expenses for those events.

07/02/2005 21:23