LATEST: Actress Daryl Hannah has reaffirmed her commitment to the protest against the closure of a Los Angeles community garden, despite being arrested yesterday (13JUN06). The BLADE RUNNER star, a fervent environmentalist, was charged with trespassing after climbing a tree on the 14-acre garden and refusing to come down as officials attempted to clear the site of activists. Police staged a dawn raid in an effort to catch protestors like Hannah and singer Joan Baez unaware, and firefighters then used a cherry-picking crane to bring Hannah, farmers and activists down from their perch in a walnut tree. Speaking from behind bars, the 45-year-old tells People magazine, "I'm not thrilled about (being arrested) but I felt it was important to sustain my commitment. "I spent the last 23 days down at the South Central farm, which is the largest urban farm in the nation and provides food for hundreds of families. "The subsistence farmers are from one of the poorest communities. This farm should be a model for sustainable urban agriculture. It needs to be replicated, not eradicated." Other celebrities who have offered their support to the farmers include Martin Sheen, Willie Nelson and LETHAL WEAPON star Danny Glover.