LATEST: SPLASH star Daryl Hannah has joined folk singer Joan Baez and the other protestors hoping to persuade a Los Angeles landowner not to sell off a beloved urban farm. The pair were among those sitting in trees at the South Central farm yesterday (26MAY06), where protestors are planning to peacefully avoid an eviction order this weekend. Hannah briefly came down from her tree-top vigil on Thursday (25MAY06) to urge environmentalists and conservationists to join the protest. She said, "I would like to invite everybody who hears this or is watching this to come down here." Developers are planning to cut down the trees and turn the 14 acre site into land for housing. Owner ROB HOROWITZ insists the best way celebrities could have helped the cause was by digging deep and helping fund non-profit group The Trust For Public Land's failed bid to buy the site. In a statement released yesterday (26MAY06), Horowitz said, "It would be nicer if all those theatrical people would have volunteered to make a contribution to the trust so they can buy the property. "None of them have offered. They have all refused to contribute. If they really wanted to help, that's the way they could have helped."