Actress Daryl Hannah is looking forward to a good night's sleep after spending 22 days living in a tree, protesting the closure of a Los Angeles urban farm. The BLADE RUNNER star was arrested on Tuesday (13JUN06) after she joined other activists in a walnut tree on the site and refused to come down as police and firefighters attempted to evict all the protestors. The actress was later cited and released but insists she won't stop fighting for the rights of farmers who have cultivated the South Central Farm since 1987 when it was nothing but "a dump site". Hannah does admit, however, she's glad she'll be able to eventually get some sleep after the ordeal of living up a tree. She says, "I slept OK but I was a little nervous about falling off the platform. "It's not easy to sleep when there are trains going by and all the trucks and all the helicopters and the noises and things... I haven't got that much sleep for the past 23 days." And, in her first TV interview since her arrest - on last night's (14JUN06) LARRY KING LIVE show on CNN - defiant Hannah insisted she owes it to the 350 families who depend on the site to keep on fighting. She says, "It's not only the food that these farmers were dependant upon, it (farm) also serves as a safe haven for their children to run around and a community centre. "This is the largest urban farm in the nation and it is exquisite... There are cornfields.., there's organic produce, there's papaya, there's banana trees. It's amazing." Country legend Willie Nelson thrilled Hannah when he phoned into King's show to praise the actress and her fellow activists. Nelson visited the protestors at the site earlier this month (JUN06).