Daryl Hannah believes Quentin Tarantino was inspired by Jackass: THE MOVIE when it came to her fight scenes in sequel Kill Bill: VOL II.

The SPLASH actress, 44 - who plays lethal assassin ELLE DRIVER in the violent revenge epic - claims maverick Tarantino changed the fight scenes after watching the big-screen version of the MTV show.

However, the OSCAR-winning filmmaker claims it is just a coincidence that he discovered the Jackass film at the same time as he was directing Hannah through some gory scenes.

Tarantino comments, "I went and saw the Jackass movie when we were making the movie.

"And it's the same time Daryl's head's getting shoved in the toilet and all this gross stuff is happening to her.

"And then I had a screening of Jackass: The Movie for the crew and that's when she said, 'That's where you got it from!'"

06/04/2004 17:38