Actress Daryl Hannah enjoys dressing up so much, she wore three different outfits to the premiere of her new movie Kill Bill.

The SPLASH star, who appears in the film alongside Uma Thurman, VIVICA A Fox and Lucy Liu, turned up at Monday's (29SEP03) Hollywood premiere clad in a red mini-dress, but left the screening in a yellow motorcycle jumpsuit worn by Thurman in the movie.

And when Hannah arrived at the nearby afterparty, she changed into yet another outfit, but kept on the bright red kabuki make-up around her eyes as a nod to the movie's Japanese animation sequence.

Hannah says, "Every day for me is Halloween."

But the screen beauty admits that, despite her love for fashion, she's happier naked.

She explains, "Nudity is our natural state. I love being naked around the house, as long as there aren't workmen around."

02/10/2003 09:16