Actress Daryl Hannah is nursing an injured wrist after she was arrested in Texas for protesting against the construction of an oil pipeline.

The Splash star, a longtime environmental campaigner, was taken into custody alongside 78-year-old Eleanor Fairchild on Thursday night (04Oct12) after taking part in a demonstration against TransCanada's controversial Keystone Xl pipeline, which is being built to transfer crude oil from Canada to refineries on America's Gulf Coast.

The women were booked on suspicion of criminal trespassing after they stood in front of construction equipment on Fairchild's farm in the town of Winnsboro, near Dallas and they were released from Wood County Jail in Quitman late on Thursday.

Hannah, who is also facing a charge of resisting arrest, has now spoken out about the drama, insisting the pair had done nothing wrong.

She tells local news channel Kltv, "I was peacefully protesting the unwanted advances of TransCanada on Eleanor Fairchild's land. She has stated very clearly that she doesn't want them there and they insist on bullying her and taking away her land through eminent domain."

And the actress has accused a burly guard allegedly working for the oil company of hurting her for no reason: "We just sort of stood in front of them (police) and held our hands in a stop motion. I'm holding my wrist because there was this private security guard... and he injured my wrist."

It's Hannah's second arrest fighting the pipeline - she was taken into custody in August, 2011, after protesting outside the White House in Washington, D.C.