Movie star Daryl Hannah could find herself in trouble from the ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS + SCIENCES - after admitting she puts on open-air screener shows for her friends and neighbours.

Academy officials are trying to clamp down on the number of people who see members-only screeners to combat piracy, and last year (03) they attempted to ban the use of screener tapes altogether.

But, in a new interview with America's JANE magazine, Kill Bill actress Hannah confesses to showing screeners on her barn wall at home in Colorado.

She confesses, "I'm in the Academy, so I get screeners. At home, my favourite thing is to go to the hot springs and then watch movies in the barn.

"Or project them on the side of the barn and everyone lies in sleeping bags and watches them under the stars. THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE (BELLEVILLE RENDEZ-VOUS) on the side of the barn. That's really the best."

Academy bosses are set to meet this spring (04) for a series of meetings about the future of the screener tape.

19/03/2004 17:54