The urban farm in Los Angeles that actress Daryl Hannah and Joan Baez fought to save earlier this summer (06) is being bulldozed to the ground today (05JUL06). Baez and Hannah both spent time protesting among the treetops on South Central Farm in an effort to prevent the site, the largest urban farmland in America, from being turned into a warehouse development. Hannah's protesting stint at the site came to an end last month (13JUN06) when she was arrested during a police eviction raid on the land, but the SPLASH actress refuses to give up hope - even though the bulldozers moved onto the land this morning. Protest leader JULIA BUTTERFLY-HILL says, "Daryl is currently in Europe working but she has been in regular contact and she continues to do what she can to support us by making calls on our behalf to bring more celebrities on board. "We've also been boosted by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who have also been calling everyone they know in LA and asking them for help while they tour. "The bulldozers are a huge blow to us but this fight is still not over until there's a warehouse on the site. "We're still hoping that the powers that be will overturn the sale of the land to the developer at a hearing on 12 July (06). "The great shame today is that there are 500 trees planted on this land 14 years ago that will be bulldozed in a matter of hours."