KILL BILL star Daryl Hannah was treated to a huge fanfare when she arrived on America's LATE LATE SHOW to be interviewed by comedian DREW CAREY - because she was the 3,315th guest.

The statuesque beauty was seated and ready for her interview with Carey on Tuesday night (21SEP04), when he announced that she was the show's 3,315th guest and proceeded to bring out a marching band as balloons and confetti fell over the studio.

A stunned Hannah enquired, "What does the 3,316th guest get?"

Huge Hannah admirer Carey cooed, "I'm so excited... I'm such a big fan of yours. If you would have came out in an eye patch, I just would've fallen on the floor!"

Carey is currently filling in as a guest host on the show for two weeks, while bosses seek out a permanent replacement for CRAIG KILBORN, who announced in the summer (04) that he planned to pursue other projects.

23/09/2004 02:26