SAW IV director Darren Lynn Bousman fears his cast's pranks on the set of the horror film are too extreme to ever air - even as a DVD extra. The filmmaker admits the intensity of the film's torture scenes was matched by the extremes actors would go to to get a laugh between takes. And Bousman admits one star, Scott Patterson, who plays Agent Strahm in the new sequel, went further than most. He says, "The interrogation scenes with Scott were bizarre. I let him run with them but I couldn't put a lot of what he said in the movie because they were just so outrageous. "He would do these interrogation room scenes and say the most obnoxious things to Jill (actress Betsy Russell); he'd say `Listen hear bitch, I have an entire case of Fresca (caffeine-heavy soft drink) outside and we can go all f**kin' night,' or my favourite one: `They will take you to prison and make you their bitch and you will have woman love like you've never experienced.'" But Patterson was at the other end of one painful prank, when the movie's villain, Jigsaw, came back from the dead and grabbed him by the balls. He recalls, "I have one scene with Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) and it's a very serious scene; I have to come up to a slab that he's lying on and I come in with weapon drawn and he cupped me from underneath the sheet. "This is a very serious moment fraught with tension and suspense and there's just blood everywhere and I am looking around this room horrified and he just goes, `Bam' right in the nuts. It was a high-pitched moment."