Darren Aronofsky, the multi-award winning American film director, has split with his fiance Rachel Weisz, and the 40-year-old actress is being romantically linked to the James Bond actor Daniel Craig, reports TMZ.com
Representatives for the former couple say that they have, "been separated for some months", and the split brings to an end a nine year relationship. Aronofsky and Weisz plan to seek joint custody of their 4-year-old son 'Henry', and according to their rep, "They remain close friends and are committed to raising their son together in NYC". Weisz, who has starred in 'The Mummy', 'The Fountain', and 'The Constant Gardener', has been romantically linked to DANIEL CRAIG for 'months', according to TMZ, and the pair recently worked together on the forthcoming movie, 'Dream House'.
Aronofsky and Weisz became engaged in 2005, and in an interview on 'The View' earlier this year, the actress said, "Funnily enough, just recently I suddenly felt like I really would like to get married. It's just a feeling. I know it's a funny thing".