Darren Aronofsky passed up the chance to direct Hugh Jackman in last year's (13) The Wolverine, because he was more interested in focusing on turning Biblical tale Noah into a big screen epic.

The Black Swan filmmaker was attached to the X-Men spin-off movie in 2010, but cited personal reasons for his decision to step down from the job the following year (11), not long after parting ways with his fiancee, actress Rachel Weisz.

Aronofsky has now opened up further about his decision, revealing part of the reason why he quit The Wolverine was to realise his dream of making a movie version of Noah.

He tells MTV, "I loved the script (for The Wolverine) and I thought the film came out great. I just had... it was a hard time in my life. It was complicated. I couldn't leave New York for that long an amount of time.

"And, to be honest, the possibility of Noah had started to emerge, and here was something I'd been thinking about for years. I was really excited by that."

Walk the Line director James Mangold ended up replacing Aronofsky for The Wolverine.