Moviemaker Darren Aronofsky invited the English teacher who inspired him to become a writer to film a cameo role in his upcoming Biblical epic Noah.

When the director/screenwriter was 13 years old, he was given an assignment from his English teacher, Mrs. Fried, to write about peace.

Aronofsky penned a poem about the story of Noah and the dove that made its way to the Biblical character following the Great Flood.

His piece won a United Nations contest, and Aronofsky tells The Hollywood Reporter that it gave him "the courage and spirit to be a writer."

More than three decades later, while he was filming Noah, he asked his mother, a retired teacher, to track down Mrs. Fried.

They got in contact with her and brought her from her home in Florida to the set and he gave her a cameo role in the film, playing a one-eyed crone in a scene with the movie's star, Russell Crowe.

Noah hits cinemas in the U.S. next month (Mar14)