Oscar-winner JENNIFER CONNELLY suffered for her art on the set of new horror movie Dark Water as freezing water was plunged on her every day.

The actress admits she had to demand a hot tub was brought onto the set early on in the filming because she couldn't stop trembling.

She says, "It was a bit distracting. I tend to roll with the punches and go with things but it got to a point where I had Silly Puddy in my ears to protect my ear drums.

"There was about 70 or 80 eighty pounds of water coming out of these jets, which, for me, is quite heavy and my arms were just covered with bruises.

"It took everything not to swallow the water. I could hardly hold myself up.

"And then after all that, I was in this wet clothing in this cold building and I would have to run from the set to the hot tub to warm up."

03/07/2005 11:05