Former Hootie & The Blowfish star Darius Rucker is set to be feted in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina after officials decided to name a street in his honour.

Fans of the Miss You hitmaker will be able to take a drive along Darius Rucker Boulevard, just outside the North Charleston Coliseum, where Rucker has played several concerts.

Officials from the city commission approved the street's name change on Monday (10Jun13) in honour of Rucker's philanthropy work in his hometown.

Speaking to local radio station Wezl, Rucker says, "(It's) crazy. You never expect anyone to name a street after you. I'm honoured. I'm honoured that they're doing that.

"It's massive. It's incredible. I'm totally over the moon about the whole thing. I do what I do because I love Charleston. I'm not trying to get any honours or anything. It's because I love the city so much. It's just amazing to be recognised like that."